Thursday, July 12, 2012


This week at Comic-con, DC Comics opens its Darkness and Light Exhibition to the public, offering fans a unique opportunity to purchase the art on t-shirts!  The exhibition which benefits the hungry in the Horn of Africa, features artwork by DC artists, Junk Food artists, and a centerpiece by legendary comic artist Jim Lee.  A selection of the artwork, including Jim Lee's Batman portrait, can be selected to be printed on a t-shirt through a QR code system, provided by Red Laser.  Visitors simply use their smart phone to scan the code under the artwork of their choice and within 48hours the artwork of their choice will be shipped to them on a super soft Junk Food tee! For each tee bought, a donation of $15 is made to the We can be Heroes Foundation, which translates to 10 nutritious meals to a child in Ethiopia.
If you are in the San Diego area, or visiting the Comic-con Exhibition this weekend, be sure to make a visit to the exhibition which is free to the general public and open until July 15th.  It supports a great cause!

 Michael J. Wolf Fine Arts Gallery, 
363 5th Avenue, San Diego, 
CA 92101.

Jim Lee's Batman Art, available to purchase on a tee

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