Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Coca Cola is an incredibly iconic all-American brand that makes a great vintage tee.  The brand has a genuine history and nostalgia and is recognizable around the world.  Founded in 1886, it was originally produced and marketed for medicinal relief and it sold for 5c...!! The packaging has evolved, as have the varieties available, but the logo has stayed pretty much the same. Sold in over 200 countries worldwide Coca Cola isn't going anywhere!  Pick up your vintage inspired Coca Cola tees on our web store.

Laid back all-American style

Shenae Grimes in our Junk Food Cherry Coke tank - in the sale online!

Our newest Coke tees - Diet Coke off the shoulder tee & Classic Coke red tee

James Preston in our I Choose Coke tee and  Taryn Manning & E!'s Ashlan Gorse in our I Love Coke tee
Ke$ha, Jessica Szhor & Ashley Tisdale all wearing classic Coca Cola tees

Lookbook Nu fashionistas in Coca Cola tees
Fabrizio Moretti of The Strokes and Emmy Rossum in Coca Cola tees

Junk Food Mens Coca Cola Hoodie & Originals Coke tee

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Wanted to share with you guys a few more photos and videos from Junk Food's time at SXSW. If you ever get the chance to visit Austin during that weekend then we highly recommend much live music and good times!!  Our Rock the Vote t shirt campaign is in full swing and we were thrilled by the reaction to our QR scan t-shirts from both the SXSW crowd, and the musical performers! Below is a great video by Rock the Vote that explains the history of voting and why its so important for YOU to use your vote and make a change..

Great piece on our Rock the Vote tee. Read more here.
B.O.B. and Pete Wentz getting involved with Rock the Vote
B.O.B. showing our Rock the Vote tee some love!
Electric Touch with our RTV tee
Penguin Prison
Hollywood Holt
Shiny Toy Guns
Silent Comedy
Miike Snow Live at SXSW

The line up
Rock the Vote and Junk Food sticker and pin madness
Cute Kate Spade shop on wheels
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Calling all collectors!

Junk Food Clothing is proud to introduce our most exclusive tees yet. These online-only shirts are super-rare and a tad rowdy, so pay attention! 

Are you a f*cking genius? Get your moustache rides for just 5¢ and Support Your Local Cougar in our limited-edition men's retro tees. For the ladies, go crazy in our select Batman and Star Wars shirts, available only at 

Batman vintage slouch tee & Empire Strikes back tee - JF online exclusives!
Mustache rides and Genius tee - Junk Food online exclusives!

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Monday, March 26, 2012


Out in the middle of the vast Arizona desert, under the scorching sun, lies a graveyard for planes that are no longer in flight.  More than 4,000 ex-military planes are abandoned here as the desert proves to be a great place for storage due to its low humidity and lack of rainfall.  Artist Eric Firestone saw an opportunity. These planes provided a unique yet blank canvas for some his favorite artists, including Faile and Andrew Schoultz, to bring to life.  'The Boneyard project', has brought thirty of the world's best street artists together to bring 5 US Air force jets back to life through they're art.  The artists spent several days working on the planes which are now on display to the public at the Pima Air and Space museum, Tuscon, AZ until mid May.  Watch this video to learn more and see the amazing process the artists went through....
'Warning Shot' by artist 'RETNA'
A DC-3 called 'Phoenix of Metal' by artists 'HOW & NOSM'
'Spy Tigers' by Andrew Schoult
Naughty Angels' by Faile
The Graveyard of disused military planes
Images via :
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Friday, March 23, 2012


Wow....didn't know Star Wars could get this cute?? Look at those Ewoks!!! Knit designer Lucy Ravenscar created these minature characters.  If you are feeling crafty you can even download the crotchet patterns for them from her site for only $3.50...Come on people!


Mini Darth Vader

The cutest Ewok ever


R2D2 and Princess Leia


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