Monday, July 23, 2012


Vans, based in Cypress California, are a footwear and clothing brand that are globally synonymous with Southern California and skate culture.
Launched in 1966 in Anaheim by the Van Doren brothers, the brand began producing rubber soled deck shoes, named the Authentic, that were quickly adopted by skateboarders in the area.  By the early 1970's Vans had produced the #95 Era shoe and the #44 slip-on shoe in a range of different colors combos which fast became the shoe of choice for BMX riders and skateboarders, and catapulted their small business to 70 stores in the area, plus national and international distribution, by the end of the decade.
Van's affiliation with skate culture has only grown over the years with their Warped Tour gaining a huge following, and their brand expanding to apparel and lifestyle goods.  The classic shoes, which are still well loved and now available in a multitude of colors, patterns and licensed art - you'd be hard pressed to go a day in So. Cal without seeing a pair on someones feet.

When you wear Vans shoes, you become a part of an authentic California skate history that spans 50 years.  Here at Junk Food Clothing we pride ourselves on creating authentic vintage lifestyle apparel, so it's unsuprising that we are big fans of Vans and their contribution to the L.A. skate apparel history.

We have VERY exciting Vans news on the horizon.....we can't say anymore than that for now....stay tuned....

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