Tuesday, July 31, 2012


New York Folks! Did you pay a visit to the Junk Food x Johnny Cupcakes Tastemakers Ice cream truck this weekend?

The gang were in town selling exclusive tasty treats to a huge crowd that gathered at the NYC Mercer and Spring street location.  Thanks to all the Johnny Cupcakes and Junk Food Clothing fans who came out to meet us and invest in some great t-shirts! The tour continues next week when the ice cream truck hits up the west coast.  For specific locations keep an eye on the Johnny Cupcakes twitter feed, so you can be the first to know the location of the tasty treats truck. Remember - each location offers tees exclusive to the city - collect them all!

Tasty Treats Tour - Johnny Cupcakes x Junk Food Clothing

San Francisco - 8/4 & 8/5
Los Angeles - 8/11
Santa Monica - 8/12

Check our Junk Food Facebook page to see more photos!

All the great NY folks waiting for their exclusive tees

Check out the awesome packaging!

One of our exclusive Johnny Cupcakes x Junk Food Clothing unisex tee designs

Junk Food's Demetrius meets fan Chris Tilette

One of the NY exclusive designs

With Johnny Cupcakes/Junk Food fan Robert Fox of Long Island band Score 24

Another great NYC exclusive tee design!

T-shirts AND ice cream? Too good to be true!

Unique pins available at each cities location

We were excited to meet fan Jake Pene who LOVED the cool pacakaging

Having TOO much fun ;)

Junk Food fan Andrew Fengold showed up representing in his fave JF MTV tee!

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