Monday, April 16, 2012


Our Scan to Vote campaign, in partnership with Rock the Vote, Promo jam and Threads for Thought has been really gaining speed since its launch at SXSW!  We've gained some great coverage and it's awesome that the message of getting out there and registering to vote is being heard!

Below Pete Wentz discusses the importance of our Scan to Vote campaign. Watch the video here.

 “In talking to kids, one of the things that is most troubling for them is that it is really hard to register to vote. And Rock the Vote has done this really cool bar code shirt…where you can scan the shirt on your phone…making it easy to get involved is really important.” 
- Pete Wentz

KTLA also recorded a segment on our interactive tees. Watch the video here!

The beautiful Kat Graham was featured on Perez Hilton last week, proudly showing her Rock the Vote tee.  Remember to purchase the tee you can either find them at your local Wholefoods, or alternatively visit the Threads for Thoughts website and pick one up there!

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