Thursday, April 5, 2012


There is no denying it,we are an office of avid NBA fans here at Junk Food, so we were all excitedly anticipating yesterdays battle for L.A., with the Clippers taking on the Lakers. Hot off a six game winning streak, the Clippers seemed to be on the rise again, but of course you can never count out the might of the Lakers and Kobe Bryant.

Tristan, our resident sports artist, and borderline obsessive NBA fan, and I, were lucky enough to get our hands on tickets to this coveted game and as transplants to L.A. we are BIG supporters of the Clippers. You've got to love an underdog, and the story of the Clippers rise over the last two seasons, beneath the shadow of the beloved Lakers, is the ultimate underdog success story.  Both teams are on track for the playoffs but that didn't mean they didn't come out aggressive.  The game was a battle with a high point, for us at least, being Blake Griffin's incredible dunk on Pau Gasol...think his dunk on Perkins...but BETTER!! The Lakers went on the win after a close 4th quarter.

All of the NBA pre-playoff fever is evident on our web store with a new batch of NBA tees available just for you.  Sadly there aren't Clippers tees yet, BUT hold tight because we have something in the works.... ;) Nevertheless, NBA fans, ladies AND gentleman, you should check out the new styles so you aren't caught short before the playoffs kick off.

Go Clippers!!!

CP3 took on Kobe

Live from the Staples Center

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