Monday, April 9, 2012


You will already be familiar with our involvement with Rock the Vote in encouraging young Americans to take control, and register to vote, but this week we've taken it one step further with a whole range of election inspired tees. Check out our webstore now for our new voting styles for men and women - whatever your political preference we have you, republican, Snoopy...... ;) So come on America, get your vote on!

Vote Junk Food!!!

Asses vote Democrat and Dumbos vote republican tees

Vote for Jerry mens Tee & Grateful Dead womens tee

Don't tax me bro t shirt

Peace and Love!

Vintage Peanuts voting memorabilia
Snoopy voting tee and Charlie Brown Here for the Party tee

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1 comment:

Katy @ junk food said...

What do you guys think - would you wear a political tee?

JF x x x