Wednesday, January 4, 2012


If you were in need of further reminders that here in L.A. we are basking in a mini-heat-wave (80 degrees today!!), then these photos from the Pasadena Rose Parade will do the trick... ;)

A new years day tradition, the Rose Parade has been running since 1890.  Flower filled floats and marching bands take over the streets to celebrate the Rose bowl College Football game, and to mark the beginning of the new year.  Both Janelle and Demetrius from the art department headed down there to see the event first hand, with Janelle even getting to see the floats pre-set up.  I kind of can't get over how insane the colors of the flowers are?! Its like Alice in Wonderland saturated insanity! Definitely inspiring for future creative endeavors...

The floats didn't disappoint - loving Wisconsin University's huge football helmet, although it didn't stop Oregan beating them in the ball game, and the dinosaurs float too...not quite sure what the link is to the Rose Bowl game BUT no complaints about seeing a Tyrannosaurus Rex riding through downtown Pasadena...!! Now that I know that this event happens every year I think I'll be heading down next year...

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