Wednesday, January 4, 2012

IT'S ABOUT THAT TIME.... make fun fun!
This year I feel like there has been more talk about goals for the year ahead than usual- even my chiropractor gave me a card with 10 spaces to fill out my goals for the year....I need 10??  So I decided to make a list this year in an attempt to actually stick to some of my resolutions, rather than proudly tell people in week one, and by week two have totally forgotten I even made them...
The Junk Food Office is full of resolutions for 2012 - a shiny new year full of potential and opportunity...but what are we going to do with it you ask? Other than continue to do what we do best (make vintage tees silly!) here's some other office objectives for the year ahead...

If you are a twenty something in need of direction with your resolutions, here wouldn't be a bad place to start:
Consider it printed out and pinned to my desk bulletin board!!!  Stop liking the Kardashians...easy!
So come on...fess up...what are your resolutions for 2012??
And more importantly...will you stick to them??

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