Friday, January 13, 2012


My favorite childhood game was sister and I would set it up in the family room and the game would start on a Saturday afternoon and keep going through out the week until someone won! It would drive my parents mad having the game set up, all the hotels and houses delicately arranged, untouchable in the middle of the room.  Here at Junk Food, we all have so much nostalgia when it comes to this game - it's rich in history and a favorite of kids and adults alike.  Did you love Monopoly growing up?

Junk Food Clothing is teaming up with Monopoly to re-imagine this childhood favorite, beginning with a Kitson exclusive tee collection that will be unveiled on Sunday in Kitson’s storefront windows on Los Angeles’ Robertson Boulevard and in Santa Monica Place.  If you are in the Los Angeles area get down there and take a look!

We're so excited to finally share this with you and let you know that this is only the beginning of the Monopoly this space.. ;)

Todays WWD write up of our collection. Read it here!

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