Thursday, January 12, 2012


Did you see the L.A. Clippers game last night?? They took on the mighty Miami Heat and defeated them in extra time... We never doubted CP3's ability to take them down, but I'm pretty sure it didn't quite go as the "three kings" had anticipated.  We LOVE the new Clippers team..

The Lakers had a similarly successful night, taking on the Utah Jazz. Kobe, despite his injury issues, scored an incredible 40 points, leading the team to defeat the Jazz 90-87 in overtime.  It was a nail biting night but they came through!!!

Here is Lindsay from Sales showing her love for the Lakers in this cute off the shoulder flirt tee available at our online store here!  And her friend didn't disappoint in his Junk Food vintage Lakers tee, also available here!

Will be interesting to see how the Lakers v Clippers game goes down this weekend...L.A. now has TWO mighty teams.

Who will you be cheering for?

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