Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Our Shut Up and _____ Me tees have been available for a while now through our online store but we wanted to give you an update.

100% of the proceeds from our Shut up and Rescue me tee go to the "Take Me Home" foundation who, in conjunction with shelters and rescues throughout California and beyond, help save animals on death row, on the streets, or in unsafe living conditions.

Here at Junk Food we are HUGE animal lovers and our experience with rescuing our beloved Washington only strengthens our resolve to help Take Me Home with their battle to aid helpless animals.  They aim to find all the animals they rescue a "forever home".

At the end of last month the Race for Rescue that took place in LA raised over $200,000 for animal welfare groups including Take Me Home, and it was great to see so many of the participants proudly wearing their Junk Food t-shirts. 
To help support this great cause, you can purchase the shirts here.

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