Friday, November 18, 2011


If you are an NFL fan and live in Los Angeles, then you should check out Kitson this weekend to see our Junk Food takeover at their Robertson Blvd and Santa Monica stores!!

Our eyecatching window displays, inspired by a vintage tail gate party, display the amazing NFL product that we have inside!

Kitson Store front,  Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles,  
115 S. Robertson Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Kitson Store front, Santa Monica,
395 Santa Monica Place Suite #120
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Kitson in-store display, Santa Monica

All of your favorite NFL teams are here, available for men and women, and across tee and fleece products!

If you won't be in the LA area to visit these Junk Food Capsule collections then never fear!!! Your favorite NFL team tees and fleece will continue to be available online at our new and improved

Happy shopping football fans!

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