Monday, June 4, 2012


Debbie Harry, of Blondie, is not only a new-wave music icon, but to many, a true fashion icon.  She found mainstream success in 1978, with Blondie's second album"Plastic Letters", which reached #10 in the UK, but her style choices were anything but commercial.  Debbie was cutting edge and thrived in New York City's creative, New Wave scene.  A regular at CBGB's and surrounded by creative types her style was influential to a generation.  Her bleach blonde shaggy hair, bright red lips and smokey eyes made her an obvious sex symbol and are her iconic look.  Black wayfarer ray-bans are also synonymous with her. Mixing stripes with polka dots, camo with pastels, Debbie broke all the rules. Her love of vintage tees is well documented from her famous Popeye ringer tee to the Camp Fun times tee, which she would pair with teeny tiny shorts and heavy leather belts.  Her look was provocative and her attitude owned it.

The classic photo of Debbie in her sailor hat and Popeye tee, inspired our Junk Food Summer collection tank top - Popeye "knock out".  Its the perfect way to channel some Blondie attitude! Try pairing it with black sunglasses, red denim shorts and heels!  Pick up the tank here.

Working stripes and bleach blonde hair

Denim on denim, and check those over the knee boots!!
Classic Debbie Harry photo

Pair our Popeye tank with Debbies iconic stripes, leopard print and rock 'n' roll accessories
Junk Food Popeye Knock out tank

A graphic tee lover

teeny tiny shorts...or no pants at all - not advised

Paris Hilton and Kristen Cavalleri wearing Blondie tees

Junk Food Blondie rock fanzine tee for men and classic Deborah Harry photo tee for women

Junk Food Originals Blondie NYC tee and Blondie says use condoms tee

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