Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Junk Food's good friend, and awesome DJ, Josh Madden sent us a cool photo of himself wearing our new Junk Food Originals The Misfits tank.  The tank is from our new skate-inspired range for summer which is available online now.  If you recognise the skull image but don't know much about The Misfits, here are some facts to chew on....

* The Misfits are commonly recognized as starting the horror punk sub genre
* They are famous for the skeletal patterns on their performance clothing, dark makeup around their eyes and hair styled into a long point hanging from their foreheads between their eyes and down to the chin, a style that became known as a "devilock
* They formed in 1973, disbanded in 1983, re-formed in 1995, dissolved in 2000 and finally a new line up emerged in 2005
* The iconic skull graphic was first used on their "Horror Business" single and has stuck ever since.
* The line up has constantly changed - there have been 18 "Misfits"
* In 2009 and 2010 the Misfits performed an extended 30th anniversary world tour

Junk Food Originals The Misfits Fiend Club men's tank

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