Thursday, June 14, 2012


It's that time of year when we pay respect to the main man...Dad. 
Dad's never seem to want or need anything, so why not surprise him with a fun Junk Food t-shirt?
Here are a few ideas...

Mickey Mouse Mr Perfect tee, $34, Available HERE - flattery will get you everywhere!! ;)

Cheers Snoopy tee, $34, Available HERE - what dad doesn't enjoy an ice cold beer on the weekend? Cheers to that!!

I Make it Rain Monopoly tee, $34, Available HERE - Admit it..the old man has splashed some cash on you over the years....

100% Beef tee, $17 (in the Sale!) , Available HERE - for the main man!

Other blogs seem into the same way of thinking - Junk Food for Dad is the perfect gift!
Check out Fashion Indie's idea for the teen dad....yikes!

And People magazine suggests our Superman tee as the perfect gift!

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