Monday, February 13, 2012


Working at Junk Food Head office, we are lucky enough to be surrounded by a wide range of creative types...from graphic artists, to painters, to jewelery designers, model makers and even expert bakers amongst our ranks. Our CAD artist Scott Ortner is a particualrly creative guy and last week shared with us his sketchbook of work that he was mailing off to NYC. Scott had taken part in the Brooklyn Art Library's "The Sketchbook Project", where artists from all over the world can fill a sketchbook of work on a set theme and mail it back to be cataloged in the Brooklyn Art Library and published in the Limited Edition art book series.  It's a pretty amazing concept and one that is sure to attract a wide range of media and style. Can't wait to see the final collection...  Scott's sketchbook was created under the title "I Remember"...Here are some excerpts from it but you can see more of this project and his other work here.


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