Friday, February 17, 2012


If you didn't happen to catch the live stream below are photos of Junk Food's collaborative looks with Aaron Rose that hit the runway at the Met Pavilion, NYC on Wednesday evening.  The shows looks followed each property around the board, beginning at Go and traveling through the poorer properties into the richer end of the board.  The shows title "Money Can't Buy Happiness" illustrated a social commentary on today's ultra capitalist society...guests saw models at the poorer end of the board excited and filled with love, who become more and more miserable the richer they became.  The garments moved from work wear style, littered with holes to heavily embellished tees & dresses.

What do you think of our catwalk looks?

GO - Our first look - cropped destroy raglan

CHANCE - back & front embellished tee dress

VERMONT AVE. - cropped destroy front and back hit tee
READING RAILROAD - destroyed oversize raglan dress
ELECTRIC CO. - Oversized tee dress w/embellishment

PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD - J.P. Rosenbaum, winner of ABC's The Batchelorette

NEW YORK AVE. - wide neckline, low back oversized tee
KENTUCKY AVENUE - Boxy tee with braided neckline

B&O RAILROAD - Gradient print with embellished shoulders

WATERWORKS - embellished tank dress
GO TO JAIL - tank dress with knotted back detail
PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE - tee with back/front embellished graphic

SHORTLINE RAILROAD - dripped print with embellishment

PARK PLACE - heavily embellished tee with low back detail
BOARDWALK - all over printed / embellished interpretation of Aaron Rose's painting

Photo credits - Joe Kohen, Getty Images 
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