Monday, October 1, 2012


At long last here are photos from our fun event at Meltdown Comics a couple of weeks ago!
We teamed up with Hasbro to launch a Toybox game night, held at the Meltdown Comic store on Sunset boulevard. The event brought to life all of our Hasbro board game favorites including Monopoly, My little Ponys, Battlships, Nerf Guns, and Playdoh! There was food, drinks, music and even a huge Nerf gun battle!!
Thanks to everyone who came along to play!

Geno Segers from Pair of Kings, speaks to Junk Food's Andre

My Little Pony set up!

Tucker Albrizzi stopped by, wearing our Junk Food Thor t-shirt

Rico Rodriguez, from Modern Family, gets involved in the Nerf battle!

Geno Segers

Harley Grahem, from Thor, enjoys her gift bag

Kat McNamara

Liz from Junk Food with Ryan Ochoa
Max Charles, from The Amazing Spiderman, plays Operation!

Rico Rodriguez plays Operation!....

...and with Mr Potato Head!

Rollin in the Doh, Playdoh tee available at Meltdown Comics

Candyland Cakes

Kat McNamara

Max Charles
Tucker plays Operation!

Savannah Jayde wears our Junk Food Pink Floyd tee

Team Junk Food! (L-R Mike Palermo, Mike Henessey, Jill Zukerberg & Kristen Sassen)

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