Friday, October 26, 2012


NFL fans need to get down to their nearest Urban Outfitters for a treat, and failing that jump online to see the full range of exclusive NFL gear Junk Food has!
New Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers can keep warm this winter in Junk Food's throwback intarsia sweaters - what do you think?
Our range of retro NFL tees is also available and was modelled this week by One Direction's (hottest boy band on the planet...where've you been?) Louis Tomlinson whilst heading to the recording studio. Get on this people!

EXCLUSIVE Junk Food Giants sweater $79 @ Urban Outfitters

EXCLUSIVE Junk Food Steelers Sweater $79 @ Urban Outfitters
Pick up your retro NFL @ Urban Outfitters stores
Louis Tomlinson (One Direction) is a Miami Dolphins fan...

Louis Tomlinson wears Junk Food NFL tee, $34 @ Urban Outfitters

NFL range @ urban outfitters

Images via designerzcentral and Urban Outfitters
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