Monday, May 14, 2012


Against all the odds, BOTH Los Angeles NBA teams moved forward to the second round of the West Coast Division Playoffs.  The Lakers, helped by Metta World Peace's return from suspension beat the Denver Nuggets in game 7 at the Staples Center, and will now face the number one seeds, the Oklahoma Thunder.

The Clippers surprised everyone by out-toughing Memphis Grizzlies, who had home court, with outstanding performances from the bench.  They have the tall task of taking on San Antonio in round two. Definitely a nail-biting weekend for L.A. basketball fans, and now a LOT of excitement about watching our teams move forward in the competition...could an all-L.A. West Coast final really be a possibility now? What do you think?

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High fives all round for L.A.

LA Clippers vintage inspired tee and LA Lakers Champions tee
Mike Conley congratulate Chris Paul

Kenyon Martin and Mo Williams hug it out

Images via ESPN

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