Friday, March 2, 2012


...we love them...if you make any t-shirt minature,  its cuteness triples!  We asked around the Junk Food office to see what peoples favorite tees from the new kids collections were.

MARIO, web designer

This Batman tee is my fave by far! Why? Very powerful (red and black on a white tee) I would “rock it” if they had it on my size. And so easy to match. Plus Batman is the man...LOL!

Kids Batman tee @

KATIE, Sales

My favorite kid’s tee is the bow tie tee.  It’s in the boys section but I think it would be adorable on a girl too paired with a ruffled skirt or colored skinny jeans.

My son hates dressing up so this is a fun alternative!

Katie's adorable son Marco modelling the Junk Food kids bow tie tee!
JANELLE, Art Director

It’s hard to pick which one is my favorite as I think they are all so cute- clothes are always so much cuter when they are so little! But since you are asking, I love the Kiss graphic tee for girls. It’s rock & roll and it’s girly- it’s a fun clean bold graphic that would be so easy to style on a little girl, the silhouette is really cute too.

For the boys, I just love the little bow tie tee, again so simple and looks so cute- making any little boy look like a handsome devil! 

Girls Kiss tee @
DANIELLE, Graphic Artist

I love the girls Minnie Mouse tee because of the colors, and I’ve always loved the simplicity of Minnie’s bow and nothing else. Plus, polka dots are always cute! It puts more of a unique spin on a well known character.

Minnie Mouse bow tee @

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