Thursday, December 8, 2011


I was lucky enough to take a trip back to the UK over Thanksgiving and it was great to soak up some history and inspiration to bring back to the Junk Food offices in L.A... 

  Christmas spirit was definitely in the air....and it was DEFINITELY colder than I'm used to out here in Southern California!!

Checked out a lot of vintage markets and shops, which no matter what city you are in, are always a great source of inspiration for vintage tee designs.

The array of street art, especially in the East end, was awesome.  The Shoreditch area is full of unique boutiques, and is a real hot spot for everything new in the art and music scene.

Is it just me or do these illustrations remind you of a certain someone who is a frequent visitor of the Junk Food office...??

At Columbia Road I met some Pearly Kings and Queens, who if you aren't familiar, are a group of Londoners who decorated with pearly buttons raise money for London based charities. They first came about in the 19th century and champion working class causes.  Pretty awesome that this tradition is still being kept alive, and perhaps may inspire a pearly Junk Food tee.... ;)

In keeping with the tea drinking stereotypes there were invites it would have been rude not to...

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