Saturday, September 10, 2011


The art and merch departments took an outing last week to the LACMA on Wilshire to get some fresh inspiration, and to see the amazing Tim Burton exhibition thats on show.  It was a red hot day in LA so it was the perfect time to get out of the office.

Unfortunately you couldn't take photos in the exhibition….gutted….but I can confirm its amazing!!! If you have the chance go see it before it closes. The exhibition exhibits everything from Burton's early short films from college, to his sketchbooks, to actual props and costumes from some of his most famous feature films.  Its pretty staggering the amount of work on show and the depths of this guys imagination…unreal.  After having our mind blown by Tim Burton we explored outside the museum and then some of the more contemporary art in the permanent collection.

This piece kind of made my day….

None of us could believe that some of Koons more recent pieces were actually painting - the detail was so intricate that they looked photographic.

Inspiring day all round - more outings please!!

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