Monday, July 25, 2011


This weekend I was one of a few lucky JunkFoodys that had the opportunity to visit San Diego's annual Comicon convention.  Comicon, to all you novices, celebrates all things comic related, branching out into films, print, fantasy, and all things nerdy!! We loved having passes that described us as "Profesionals"…professional nerds perhaps? We'll take that!

The amount of merchandise and exhibits on show is pretty overwhelming and ranges from the obvious Star Wars and Marvel stands to more obscure comic art and upcoming artists.

Probably the most entertaining part, for me at least, was the amount of people who were dressed up as their favorite characters. Some people had definitely been saving all their pocket money to afford some craaaazy outfits… There were too many spiderman's at Comicon to count, but we later found out that the new Spiderman, Andrew Garfield, had visited the event in costume…I wonder if this is him waving to us??

If i had to guess I would probably say that brandon had the most fun ;)

Junk Food fans were out in force this weekend and we were really excited to meet them! Here are just a few that we managed to stop for a photo. All in all a GREAT weekend!!

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