Monday, October 5, 2009

Are you mad as a hatter?

The new Alice in Wonderland movie doesn't come out until March 5th, but you can satisfy your craving for Alice right now with these new Junk Food tees:
- We're All Mad Here
- Cheshire Cat Smile
- Alice
- Drink Me

Or if you're looking for something else to satisfy your craving, here are a few adaptations of the Lewis Carroll classic you can check out:

For our gamers, there's American McGee's Alice, which brings a whole new meaning to "We're all mad here." Set after Through the Looking Glass, Alice loses her family to a fire caused by her pet cat. Due to the guilt she feels for being the lone survivor, she attemps suicide and is put into an asylum. It is there the White Rabbit calls for her to help out a darker Wonderland under the rule of the Queen of Hearts.

For a more light hearted story, there's the Adventures in Wonderland TV series. Long before Hannah Montana, Disney Channel ran this live action series featuring a girl named Alice who lived everyday like a normal child, but when she got home she could step inside her mirror and land in Wonderland where she hung out with its people tackling issues like racism.

Then there's always Disney's animated classic Alice in Wonderland. This version is what made blue the most popular dress color for Alice and blonde for her hair. It is probably the most recognized film adaptation of Carroll's tale. This movie also inspired the popular youtube video Alice by Pogo. The song uses sound samples from the movie to create an electronic and catchy tune.

Do you have a different Alice adaptation you enjoy? Post about it in the comments section. :)

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