Tuesday, September 22, 2009

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Been keeping up with the Junk Food Clothing Blog? Do you visit every hour of the day just to read our next post? We didn't think so...

Well don't just sit around with all those great ideas! Help us make the blog better!!! Do you like to write about sports, fashion, video games, movies, TV, ponies, random facts about turtles?

If you can write, then you are perfect for our blog! Please send us a few examples of your writings, blog posts, or articles you have written. Email them to us at JFBlogPosts@gmail [dot] com (we are no longer accepting Etch-A-Sketch)

If we like what you send, then you can become a regular writer for our blog and get some free Junk Food tees! Sweet deal, I may even try this myself! :)

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